Thank you!

Thank you for your membership and support

We thank you for your membership, and support, for the creation of this Hundred Million Dollar ($100M) Philanthropy. As a member, we invite your constant attention to ensure that the Vision, and Mission of the Foundation are honoured by successive managements. But, for this to happen, you must attend Annual General Meetings, in person or by proxy, and participate in the formulation of the Policies and Action Plans that will make this happen.

The vision of the Board of Trustees has never wavered. It is to transform our Foundation into a permanent Jamaican Monument to help in the alleviation of pain and suffering from medical conditions. Like nation builders of the past who 'planted trees' under whose shade they knew they would never sit, we enjoin you to help make this Vision a reality in Jamaica, Land We Love, even if we, individually, never gets a benefit.


Lloyd A Vermont Sr.,
Hon. Secretary
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Telephone: (876) 929-8404