Eight years ago my then two and a half year old daughter mysteriously woke up paralyzed on one side of her body and speechless. It took doctors at the hospital three and a half hours to come up with a diagnosis. Chloe suffered a bilateral hemorrhagic stroke as she slept.

Imagine my dismay at only 22 years old then and without a job and back then there was no free health care. My family and I struggled not only with here rare disease but also with the medical expenses.

Fast forward two years into recovery, at 4 years old back in a school setting that’s when it really got bad. Chloe started to experience trouble with her hearing, developed issues with her eyes, developed asthma and at 4 years old she was still drooling and experiencing neurological problems. I made the loudest most desperate plea for help possible. I went to the media that night.

Oliver Jones called me that night after seeing us on TV and promised to help. And he did just that. The Jamaica Medical Foundation made their first donation to my daughter’s recovery. I say 1st because 3 years later, Chloe needed dental surgery that would inevitably allow her to speak more clearly and reduce the drooling and JMF came to our rescue again.

The board of the JMF is my angel and through the inspiration of God Almighty has given my daughter a new life. On behalf of Chloe and myself, knowing there aren’t enough words in the English vocabulary to express our gratitude, I start with a simple ‘Thank You’. I pray for God’s richest blessings on your families and the foundation so that you can do for others what you have done for us.