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Types of Membership and Rights & Privileges of Members

Dear Prospective Member,

"When we build, let us think that we build forever. Let it not be just for present delight or our immediate benefit alone but also for those who come after us" Author Unknown

We welcome you warmly into membership of our 25 year old Foundation registered at the Company's office as Entry No 31633, on November 16, 1987. We have been an Approved Charitable Organization since may 16, 1989, Ministry of finance Ref No. AUTC/C.285

In doing so, we invite your attention to the quote above because, it reflects the perspective of the Foundation. This perspective is to build something bigger than ourselves ($100 Million Dollar Philanthropy) which we will leave for the benefit of Jamaica in perpetuity.

Four Types of Membership

1. Foundation Membership (Membership Closed. Reserved for Founders* of the Foundation which was registered at the Company's office as Entry No 31633, on November 16, 1987.

• They are/were:

  1. A Tennyson Palmer CEO, Jamaica Mutual Life Assurance Society
  2. Mr. Norman Bingham, Jamaica Manager, National Life of Canada
  3. Mr. Gordon Arnold, Manager
  4. Mrs. Marjorie Stephenson, CEO Eagle Life Insurance Company
  5. Dr. the Hon. R Danvers (Danny) Williams, President, Life of jamaica (now Sagicor jamaica)
  6. Dr. the Hon. Oliver E Jones, President, Island Life Insurance Company
  7. Vivian Rochester, Executive Director, Life Insurance Companies Association & Honorary Secretary,

2. Charter Membership: (Any individual person or corporate entity that applies for, and pays the respective membership fee before, or on Launch Day (February 06, 2014) or between Launch Day and December 31, 2014. To recognize their early membership, these persons or corporate entities will be given the special designation of Charter Members and be recognized as such at the Foundation's website. Charter Members are entitled to all the rights and privileges of membership in the Foundation) The respective fees are:

a) Individual Membership fee J$10,000 or US$110 per year
b) Corporate Membership fee J$25,000 or US$260 per year

3. Individual membership (Any person who applies for, and pays the respective membership fee AFTER December 31, 2014. The fees will be the same as paid by Charter Members. The only distinguishing feature is that these persons become members of the Foundation AFTER the close of the Charter Membership period of between Launch Date and December 31, 2014)

4. Corporate Membership (Any corporate entity that pays the membership fee at any time. Payment between Launch Date and Dec 31, 2014 will qualify for Corporate Charter Membership. Payment after Dec 31, 2014 will qualify for regular Corporate membership). The membership fee is the same before and after December 31, 2014

Rights and privileges of paid up Members

1. Attend meetings in person or via proxy
2. Vote on matters brought before meetings
3. Become Member of any Standing Committee and help initiate policies

a) Fundraising
b) Banqueting
c) Diaspora Outreach
d) Investment & Finance
e) Gifting (post attainment of $100 Million Target)

4. Become member of Board of Trustees and decide on policy matters
5. Get tax write off for lump sum donations (confirmation is now being sought on this from the Tax Authorities)

How to complete Application & Payment

a) Select Membership type from the drop down below.
b) Click subscribe to complete payment through Paypal and follow the steps indicated.
c) Application form will appear after payment of membership fee.
d) You will recieve a confirmation page upon successful completion.

Membership Type
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