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Membership & Management Structure

[This is a summary for those who may not have the time to peruse the Articles of Association (13 pages) and Memorandum of Association (11) pages, both of which are here]

There are two basic levels of membership as shown. Both will participate in the management of the Foundation with their votes at Annual General Meetings. In accordance with good governance procedures, only fully paid up members can attend and or participate in any Foundation meetings such as, regular monthly, Standing Committee or Annual General Meetings or serve on Committees and or Sub-Committees or of the Foundation.

1. Structure of Membership

  1. Individual with one vote..............................J$10,000 or US$110/year
  2. Corporate with two votes...........................J$25,000 or US$260/year

2. Strategy to grow Capital Base

  1. Continue growing Investment income as over last 25 years. See Investment Policy
  2. Special Projects from Fundraising Committee (e.g. Annual Concerts/Fees donated by Artistes, Half Marathon)
  3. Contributions from Diaspora Groups
  4. Donation from wealthy individuals, corporations and international donors looking for respected and trusted medium through which to contribute to the common good

3. What will Foundation do with Membership fees?

  1. Add to investable funds. See Investment Policy

4. What will be the Management Structure of the Foundation?

  1. Individual & Corporate members meet in Annual General Meeting (AGM) to vote on broad Policy guidelines that support Vision and Mission of Foundation
  2. AGM elects 15 member Board of Trustees which meets Quarterly to develop operational guidelines in pursuit of AGM Policy
  3. Board of Trustees elect 5 Member Executive Committee which meets monthly to ensure Foundation's activities are in line with Policy and Operational guidelines
  4. Executive Director responsible for day to day execution of AGM/Board Policies. The Executive Director may also be a Trustee.

5. Make up of Board of Trustees

1. A 15 Member Board of Trustees (selected from paid up members ) distributed as follows

  1. Twelve (12) home based i.e. in Jamaica
  2. Three (3) from the Diaspora
  3. Eight (8) to form a quorum

6. Rotation of Members: Board of Trustees & Executive Committee

  1. Each Trustee serves for five (5) years with option for re-election
  2. One third of Trustees to be retired at each AGM (alpha basis or by lot) but are eligible for re-election
  3. Trustees to elect Chairman and other officeholders among themselves