About Us

History of JMF

The Jamaica Medical Foundation, the outreach arm of the Insurance Industry of the 80s, was incorporated in 1987 by the Life Insurance Companies Association (LICA) and got Approved Charitable Foundation status in 1988 when it began operations.

It grew out of the desire of the leadership of the Jamaican Life Insurance Industry of the time to create a Public Service Arm through which the Industry could give back something to the community which supports it.

The Companies, and some individual executives, seeded the Foundation with a five digit sum.


Over the next 25 years to its 2012 Audit, the Foundation, through prudent investment strategies and various fund raising activities, grew its Total Reserves to J$22.3M after gifting away approx J$5M during the period to individuals and institutions for medical emergencies, public education on health matters, and research.

Expansion of Membership to Respond to Mission Challenges

The Foundation, which has had membership from inside and outside of the insurance industry, now wants to further open its membership to Jamaicans at home and abroad (the Diaspora) at two levels, namely, Individual and Corporate. The objective is for it to significantly increase its resource base so that it can better respond to the challenges for which it was founded. In furtherance of it's Mission, the Foundation will also accept financial support from local and international donors.

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