Diaspora Outreach

Invitation to Jamaicans in the Diaspora

How will your membership help?

Going forward in the next 25 years and beyond, we anticipate a continuing call on our resources against a background of the need to dramatically increase the capital base to a place where the Foundation can make meaningful contribution to worthy causes. This means getting to a capital base of One Hundred Million Dollars by 2013. Bear in mind, though, that the idea is to have the One Hundred Million Dollars Your annual Membership dues, along with that of many others in the Diaspora, will assist us in our move toward this objective.

What will the Foundation do with the Hundred Million Dollars?

The idea is not to use it because, this would deplete our capital and take us back to 'square one'! Instead, it is to invest it and use the interest and or dividend earned from the investment to pay for our charitable work (gifting). This is a successful investment policy to pursue. It has served others well. To illustrate, we cite the Rhodes Foundation and the Nobel Foundation which are known to everyone across the world. They will never run out of money pay for scholarships worldwide, or for the Nobel Prizes in science and medicine because, they invest their capital wisely and only use earnings to fund their philanthropy. Because they have a good investment policy, they will be able to fund their respective projects for as long as the word exists. The Jamaica Medical Foundation is now, and will continue to pursue the same kind of investment policy.

A most important point to make is that the $100M capital base is really a mall base. At best, its investment might only throw off earnings of 7 % gross or $7M per year from which to pay operating expenses, reinvest some to grow the capital base and do gifting. In time, therefore, Trustees could start looking at a much higher capital base to through off more investment income in order to do more gifting .

How will your interest be protected at the Foundation?

For you, many miles away, we are relying on four strategies to protect your interest as a Member of the Foundation. These are:

  1. Building an organic relationship with Diaspora leaders and members through active dialogue and physical visits
  2. Meeting with Diaspora Leaders when they come to Jamaica for the biennial Diaspora Conference
  3. Use of Proxy (a trusted person) to attend Meetings (Standing Committee, Regular Monthly or Annual General Meetings and speak, and vote, in your name i.e. as you instruct him/her how to vote on each matter before the Meeting. This proxy can be a family member, or school friend, here in Jamaica
  4. Feedback through free media (e.g. Skype, Face Book) to speak to individual Trustees and or Members of the Administrative staff

Although living many miles away, we know that Jamaica will always be home to you. Our commitment is to build, for posterity, a truly Jamaican Philanthropy, well endowed financially, so that it can carry out it's Mission effectively.

We invite you to become a part of this noble pursuit with your membership. Individual Membership is only US$100. You can complete the Application Form here and pay your Membership Fee here. We specially inviteyou into Charter Membership.

Thank you very much for standing up for Jamaica. Again.

Yours sincerely and for a better Jamaica.

Lloyd A Vermont Sr
Hon. Secretary, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Jamaica Medical Foundation