About Us


Some of the individuals and institutions who have received donations from the JMF during its first twenty five (25) years include:

  • Kingston Public Hospital Renal Unit.
  • Daphnie Clue – Artificial Arm
  • Sponsorship of an Aids Workshop
  • The Heart Foundation of Jamaica
  • UWI Hospital – Diabetic Research
  • Daphne DaCosta Memorial Foundation.
  • Public Awareness Programme conducted by the Jamaica Cancer Society.
  • Adrian Gayle – Cardiac Surgery
  • Sophia Dennis – Open Heart Surgery
  • Ministry of Health– Immunization Programme.
  • Baby Daniel Smith – Open Heart Surgery
  • Cornwall Regional Hospital – Renal Unit
  • Jamaica Cancer Society – to purchase equipment
  • Health Seminar in partnership with IAJ
  • Jamaica Medical Assistance Committee
  • Bustamante Hospital for Children
  • Best Care Foundation.
  • Presentation to Ms Yolande Bailey
  • HTLV International Conference
  • Contribution to KPH in 2012 - ECG machine..
  • Donation to Ms. Julian Allen, a stage 4 Breast Cancer patient.