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The Jamaica Medical Foundation recently contributed $100,000 to assist Andrew Lloyd Sr. in his quest to get his son Andrew Lloyd Jr. age 2 years five months who suffers from infantile spasms, Global development delay and Cerebral palsy obtain treatment at Johns Hopkins Children’s Centre, Paediatric Neurology Division in the USA.

Andrew, the only child of his parents, was first seen in consultation at age seven months at Kidz Klinik, a private paediatric clinic in Kingston. His parents were then concerned about his delayed development, the occurrence of repeated clusters of flexion spasms since age 3 ½ months and noisy breathing since birth.

On referral to the paediatric neurology clinic at the University Hospital of the West Indies further work-up and treatment were received with no significant improvement in the child’s condition. This made it necessary for the Consultant in Paediatrics & Paediatric Neurology at the UHWI to refer Andrew to Johns Hopkins Children’s Centre.

On making the presentation, former chairman of the JMF Oliver Jones, Chairman Emeritus said, “The JMF is always ready and willing to assist with medical emergencies”. Current Chairman of the JMF, Michael Fraser is on a quest to help the JMF to increase its funds through membership, fundraising activities and donations to enable the Foundation, an outreach arm of the Jamaican insurance industry to fulfil its mantra which is: “Providing a lifeline to Health”.