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JMF extends a special invitation to Jamaicans in the Diaspora

Dear Jamaican Friend & hoped for Prospective Member,

On behalf of our Board of Trustees, I welcome you to the site of the Jamaica Medical Foundation (JMF). The JMF was incorporated in 1987, became an Approved Charitable Foundation in 1988, and has been in continuous operation since. It was the brainchild of the Life Insurance Industry of the 1980s because the leadership at the time wanted to have a public outreach arm through which to give back something to the insurance buying public. Then, membership was restricted to companies and their executives.

Over the years since, however, there has been a change in the makeup of the insurance landscape with both Life and General Insurance coming together as one industry and with a somewhat different community focus at this time. One consequence of this is that the Board of Trustees of the Foundation has decided to open membership to all Jamaicans at home and abroad, as well as others who love our country (like the many holiday visitors who do repeat visits).

As a Jamaican in another land, we salute you. We are also very happy to invite you into Charter Membership of this Jamaican Philanthropy. Our overriding objective now is to move our Capital Base from the current J$22.3M (2012 Audit) to (at least) One Hundred Million Dollars by 2023. We need to do this because, the demands on our resources are not only increasing in number but in size as well (witness the Prostate Cancer Research Project) and, most importantly, we have to do it because, 'it takes cash to care'. Against this background, we invite, and welcome you, into Charter Membership of our Foundation.

How to learn more about the Foundation

In pursuit of transparency and good governance, and, particularly to give you a good grasp on the Foundation, we invite you to read, and be assured, from the following:

  1. Five years of the Chairman's Report to Annual General Meetings 2008-2012
  2. Five years of Audits over the same period so that you see how we have been managing our finances
  3. A statement our Vision, Mission, and Strategy to transform the Vision into Reality
  4. A statement of our Membership and Management Structure
  5. A statement of our Investment Policy
  6. A statement of our Gifting Policy
  7. A commitment to have the Diaspora represented on the Board of Trustees of the Foundation

These Reports, we trust, will give you a perspective of how we manage ourselves and our resources and how we have met, resolved (and are still pursuing where indicated) the various challenges that have come our way over the first 25 years of our operation.