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JMF Invitation to help build $100 Million Jamaican Philanthropy

We the Trustees invite you into Charter Membership of the 25 year old Jamaica Medical Foundation (JMF) to help build a $100M Jamaican Philanthropy. We are an Approved Charitable Foundation that grew out of the Jamaican Life Insurance industry of the 1970s and 1980s with the following Vision and Mission.


To become a major Jamaican Philanthropy capable of attracting, and assisting with funding, for projects in pursuit of a healthier Jamaica in perpetuity


Help, financially, to alleviate the suffering of individuals, groups or institutions with immediate medical challenges and fund research for solutions to medical problems in the Jamaican community

Strategy to transform the Vision into Reality

Build a capital base of Minimum $100 Million by 2023 such that the Foundation can make meaningful financial contributions in pursuit of its Mission because, 'it takes cash to care'

It is our intention, with your help, to leave this Foundation in perpetuity as our collective legacy to future Jamaicans. Its management, investment and gifting structures are designed to enable it to survive on a continuing basis. In the interest of transparency and full disclosure, we invite you to learn more at the Foundation's website where the following documents, inter alia, are displayed:

a. History of the Foundation
b. List of beneficiaries
c. Membership & Management Structure
d. Last 5 Annual Reports
d. Last 5 Annual Audits

An important date

On Thursday, Feb. 06, 2014, we invite you to a Getting to know the Foundation meeting at a Public Launch at 5:00 PM, Knutsford Court Hotel, Kingston 5. The Guest Speaker will be Prof. Winston Davidson, Head, School of Public Health & Health Technology at the University of Technology, Jamaica, and Special Advisor to the Minister of Health, Hon Fenton Ferguson. A special Presentation will be made and Trustees will be on hand to answer your questions, collect your Membership Application Form and membership cheque. Membership fees are: Individual J$10,000 or US$110/year; Corporate J$25,000 or US$260/year.

Those joining between the Public Launch and Dec. 31, 2014 will be awarded Charter Membership in the Foundation and be so identified at its website. We thank you for accepting our Invitation and are looking forward to seeing you at the Launch.

Yours sincerely,


Dr. The Hon. Oliver E Jones, D.Litt (Hon) O.J. , C.L.U., J.P., Chairman /Lloyd A Vermont Sr., Hon. Secretary