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Chairman's Report 2012

I will make this Report under the Theme "25 Years of Service and Commitment".
Against this background, let me put things into perspective because, while I will speak specifically to the year under review i.e. November 2011 to October 2012, the major focus will be on the fact that your Foundation has not only survived for 25 years in one of the most challenging periods of our country's economy but, we have done so with a healthy Balance Sheet to propel us into our next 25 years. In this respect, let me remind you of the Mission of your Foundation. It is to:

  1. Give assistance for medical interventions at the individual and institutional levels, and
  2. Fund research into medical conditions that affect our Jamaican people

Interestingly, the challenges we faced over these 25 years were not only how to keep our 'financial heads above the waters' but , just as importantly, how to balance the need for growing our capital base for long term development against the calls that were made on our resources. Accordingly, while growing our initial resources from less than a Million Dollars at inception in 1987 to the Twenty Two Million Dollars in the 2011/12 Audit, we have gifted away more than Five Million Dollars to a very worthy list of individuals and institutions.

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