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Chairman's Report 2010

As you know, the Foundation started as the outreach arm for the life insurance industry of the 1980s. Then, there was a close working relationship between the Foundation and the leadership of the industry because, in a real sense, the industry was the parent of the child ('JMF) but, this relationship went further than just parent/child. During those times, the Foundation knew for sure where its support base was and had the confidence that this base was there to support its various functions and assist in growing its capital base. The idea was that it (Foundation) would grow to become a really pivotal Jamaican philanthropy for the benefit of future generations.

It is now, however, a matter of public knowledge that the Jamaica of the 1980s when, for example, the exchange rate was in the region of J$10 or less, is a different 'person' from what it is today. Nearly everything has changed and, the economy has become not just tight, but stifling.

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