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Chairman's Report 2009

We started last year in the shadow of the greatest economic recession the world has seen since the great depression of the 1920s. However, we are not an organization to give in. we accepted the 'deck" that we were dealt and sought to "play our hand" in an environment which has forced everyone to adjust their expectations.


Our major focus during the year was to continue, more aggressively, to seek to raise $15 Million Dollars to finance the Prostate Cancer Research Project to which we committed ourselves in collaboration with the Jamaica Urological Society. We had a series of breakfast meetings with selected corporate entities and also with some government funding agencies. The strategy was to outline our history and programme to these potential donors who we believed had the capacity to assist us and were the right fit for our cause. To cut a long story short, although many times we felt optimistic that we would be able to achieve our target, we now have to admit, unashamedly, that we have come up virtually empty handed even at the time of writing this Report. We have only so far received a cheque of $250,000 from the Jamaica National Building Society. We found that even normally generous companies admitted that, in the current business environment, they were unable to give us funds, not only due to slow and uncertain business but, also due to the difficulty they would have explaining to their staff, their generosity to others while implementing proactive austerity measures at 'home'. Colleagues we have thus far failed.

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